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Glad you stopped buy hope you enjoy what you see...
There are several ideas I have. Help me out, email me with ideas.

well give me a couple more weeks this this website will have nothing but jeep stuff & motorcross pic's and Follies and great things stuck in the mud
The 3 of May 1999 was last change made

Well if you like Jeeps check out my link on this page will have some pic's uploaded soon. .

Lets see grab a big duffle bag.
Hello just me agian playing with this website have not a clue what i want to do at all but one of these days I will find out?

In the meantime why not check out the link below to get your own 20MB of free webspace? Yes get the free stuff !!!

Do not get excited this is only a test...Yeah Right !!!!
My interests:
  • Family
  • Comedy
  • Computers/Technology
  • Jeep's
  • Kid's Stuff
  • Music: Country
  • PC Games
  • Pets/Animals
  • Sports: Baseball

Buy a ULTRA pc from me. Ok this site has brought me no new customers if you want the user name and password to a wholesale distributer of computer products email me and I will give it to you!

Favourite links

Midwest Micro
Great computers..

Infotel Distributing
Were I work ... resellers only please

Aspect Computers

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